Casa do Penedo – Fafe, Portugal

The construction of Casa do Penedo started in  1972 and it lasted took two years.

Getting there was my favorite part of my visit to Porto.

The house (which is now a “museum”) is located in a wind farm. The day was rainy, cold and very foggy.

The house is fenced and you can’t see it from the road. I was weighing the option of leaving or jumping the fence (I decided transpassing was the right choice in this situation).

Unfortunately, cows and bulls  appeared and were very interested in me, I was pretty sure that they are friendly.

Thankfully a tractor appeared when I was looking for my jacket to help cover the wires.  The man was going move the cattle and allowed me to go in and see the house.

It took me a while to get back to a main road, I had downloaded  map, but I was out of its range and there was no Wifi.

It was so much fun getting lost and not see anyone.

I found I little chapel, but it was locked.  I wonder if there are graves inside. Is to small to hold a mass.


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