Torres del Paine – Patagonia, Chile

Torres del Paine National Park s a national park encompassing mountains, glaciers, lakes, and rivers in southern Chilean Patagonia. The Torres del Paine are the distinctive three granite peaks of the Paine mountain range or Paine Massif. They extend up to 2,500 meters above sea level, and are joined by the Cuernos del Paine.

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The Elms – Newport, Rhode Island

The Elms is a large mansion, facetiously a “summer cottage”, designed by architect Horace Trumbauer (1868–1938) for the coal baron Edward Julius Berwind (1848-1936), and was completed in 1901. Its design was copied from the Château d’Asnières in Asnières-sur-Seine, France.

The Elms is constructed with a steel frame with brick partitions and a limestone facade.

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The Breakers – Newport, Rhode Island

The Breakers was built between 1893 and 1895  as the Newport summer home of Cornelius Vanderbilt II, a member of the wealthy United States Vanderbilt family.

It is built in an Italian Renaissance style. Designed by renowned architect Richard Morris Hunt, with interior decoration by Jules Allard and Sons and Ogden Codman, Jr., the 70-room mansion has a gross area of 125,339 square feet (11,644.4 m2) and 62,482 square feet (5,804.8 m2) of living area on five floors.

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Marble House – Newport, Rhode Island

Marble House is a Gilded Age mansion designed by the society architect Richard Morris Hunt. The mansion was built as a summer “cottage” retreat between 1888 and 1892 for Alva and William Kissam Vanderbilt, the fifty-room mansion required a staff of 36 servants, including butlers, maids, coachmen, and footmen. The mansion cost $11 million ($260,000,000 in 2009 dollars) of which $7 million was spent on 500,000 cubic feet (14,000 m³) of marble.

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Mount Auburn Cemetery – Cambridge, MA

Mount Auburn Cemetery is the first rural cemetery  in the United States. With classical monuments set in a rolling landscaped terrain, it marked a distinct break with Colonial-era burying grounds and church-affiliated  graveyards.

Mount Auburn Cemetery was inspired by Père Lachaise Cemetery in Paris and was itself an inspiration to cemetery designers, most notably at Abney Park in London. Mount Auburn Cemetery was designed largely by Henry Alexander Scammell Dearborn with assistance from Jacob Bigelow and Alexander Wadsworth.

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