Raleigh – North Carolina

 Daily Planet Theater

Daily Planet Theater at North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences has the second largest globe in the world.

At its widest point, the globe measures 70 feet (21 meters) across.

The outside is covered in high-resolution satellite photos of Earth. It does not rest on the ground, and if you get up close you can see Antarctica underneath.

Pullen park

Pullen Park is the first public park in North Carolina, the 5th oldest operating amusement park in the U.S., and the 16th oldest in the world.

In here we can find one of the foremost surviving works of the Pennsylvania Carousel Company, founded by Gustav A. Dentzel.

The Pullen Park carousel dates from about 1900, making it one the earliest Dentzels still in operation.

Its paramount feature is a menagerie of 52 hand-carved wooden animals, the work of chief carver Salvatore Cernigliaro. Cernigliaro was known for elaborately executed and imaginative designs; in addition to 30 horses, the Pullen Park carousel includes ostriches, cats, rabbits, pigs, a lion, a tiger and a goat.

The 24-foot diameter carousel is housed in a permanent wooden-beamed shelter of tent-like design. Music originally was produced by a Wurlitzer band organ.


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