Maine – Saco River


The Saco River s a river in northeastern New Hampshire and southwestern Maine in the United States.

For the weekend I stayed at a camping site.

Strangely enough there was noone around. There were only a couple of mobile homes at the other side of the campground (with “older”people).

This loneliness allowed me to hike up the river into private land. There were many “private land” sings…I figured the moment I see a house I will turn around.

So I kept walking for 30 min.. than it became an hour. I did this for two days, the second day I brought with me a little picnic and I walked more.

This second day I ventured in for a little over 3 hours.

Only twice in my life I have covered so much area without finding or seen another person.

There were ponds and and the river continued.

I saw frogs, two deers, ducks and birds, it was a wonderful walk.

Near the river I found a hunting deck.

I climbed it, it faces the river, hunting dogs probably have a blast swimming in and out of it.


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