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Petra, one of the seven wonder of the world, also called the “Rose City” because of the colour of the sandstone.

Mi hotel was a 3 minutes walk from Petra’s visitor center, which was great, this allowed me to be there as soon as it opened.  Avoiding large crowds.

From the visitor center to the Siq is about a kilometer.

I was able to start my walk at 7am. The weather was great, a long sleeve and a couple of layers allowed me to be comfortable for the hours I was there.

This part of the walk was very easy, a flat dirt road. Later on the day Bedouin start offering rides on horses, camels and even carriages.

After 15-20 min, depending how many times you stop to admire things, the Siq appears.

The Siq is a a 1.5 km natural land formation that cuts through the mountains of Petra. It was also critical in the defense and irrigation of the city.

Because of how early it was there were only a few tourist walking, and we all silently agree to give each other space to enjoy this.

This part is of the site is really incredible, the different colors on the stone, the height, it felt very “movie like”.

A bedouin passed me at one point, I think his photo and the timing was perfect.

On my way back, the Siq was crowded, I did not stop for photos because of that and also because I was tired, thirty and hungry.

Along the way there some reliefs left by the Nabatean.

The stone road was built by the romans.

In some areas is possible to see  rock cut water channels and clay pipes, that allowed the Nabataeans to control the water flow going  in and out of the city.

After walking about 2 km,it finally appears….the Treasury.

It exactly like the photos.

Its heavily influenced by Hellenistic architecture.

In the centre of the upper floor is a circular pedestal with a carved a female figure. This figure is the combination of the Egyptian Goddess Isis and the Greek Goddess of Good Fortune, Tyche.

Crowning the facade are two eagles, who represent Nabatean male deities.

Unfortunately you can’t go inside. From what I read, the interior only had 3 chambers.

The structure is 131′ tall.  The conservation work is truly amazing.

Later on the day, Bedouin bring camels so tourist can take a photos in front of the Treasury riding one.

From the Treasury you keep walking until you find the Theater. 

Similar to Roman theaters, is shaped like a half-circle,  it includes a large ornamental stone backdrop, elaborate sculptures and columns, it can seat up to 8,500 people.

I did not spend a lot of time here. I was on a mission.

Colonnaded Street, this is one of the few straight lines in the city. Most of the streets follow the topography of the land and mountains.

There are many more structures – Garden Pool Complex, The Great Temple, Qasr al-Bint, they all feel similar.

Mi goal was to reach the Monastery, at this point I was a bit tired. This part of the hike would he hard.

I gave in and rented a Donkey. Animal cruelty was a concern, but I picked the one that looked the healthiest and I have always wanted a ride a donkey.

Michal Jackson did great job.

There were over 900 steps here…… Steep steps, carved in the stone. Machu Picchu has 1600. I remember how tired I was after, I did not want to repeat this, specially when I been walking for a while now.

It takes people around 50 min walking to get to the other side of the mountains, my ride was a lot shorter.

The Monastery is Petra’s largest monument, dates from the 1st century BC. It is believed to be the symposium of Obodas the god.

This, to me, was the best, is harder to reach, it was empty when I got there, the scale is massive and it looks like its hidden.

On my way down, Michael Jackson and I got attacked by another donkey, we both got kicked, but only our pride got hurt.

Since I was such a “great” rider I was left unattended. It’s hard to control a donkey.

When I finally reached the other side of the mountain and I said goodbye to my equestrian friend.   I stopped to see other monuments. The Temple of the Winged Lions and Royal Tombs.

I was inside Petra 6-7 hours. Some people could do it faster, but there are so many beautiful and interesting things to see.

3 times a week, they open the site for a night visit. Only up to the Treasury.

The whole walk from the visitor center to the Treasury is illuminated by candle light.  The walk is very pleasant, except when you have encounter people who have problem seen and they flash their cell phone or flashlight.

They facade is illuminated with different colors. The speaker talks a bit about the history and there is a performance. When I went there was Bedouin playing traditional music in a type of flute.

Petra is truly amazing.



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