Mohawk Trail State Forest- Charlemont, MA

The Mohawk Trail began as a Native American trade route which connected Atlantic tribes with tribes in Upstate New York and beyond. It followed the Millers River, Deerfield River and crossed the Hoosac Range, in the area that is now northwestern Massachusetts.

The camp ground was very nice. Clean facilities and a short walk to the trail.

Thanks to Ben, my very capable and nature loving boyfriend, our campsite was very comfortable.  The first night got cold but he was smart enough to bring a heater.

Food like always was delicious.

We hiked the indian trail. It was fun, but I did get tired.

During our walk  we saw some animals, chipmunks,  frogs, a baby snake and got scared by a crazy bird running towards us…. he was either running towards something or from something.

Right on the top of the mountain I found a flower, which ended up been an orchid, I didn’t know there were wild orchids in the United States.

Hopefully I will be able to grow it and reproduce it.

This area has the tallest Northern White pines.

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