Detroit – Michigan

Hamtramck Disneyland

Dmytro Szylak started the installation in 1992 and finished it in 1999.

With the collage of objects he created his own interpretation of Disneyland.

Currently he lives in Germany. The house went on sale in 2016 and a local group called “Tatch group” bought it.

Guardian Building

Is one amazing Art Deco Building.

In the interior and exterior  you can see Native American, Aztec, and Arts & Crafts influences.

As soon you step in inside, you can see the beautiful tile in the ceiling

On each side of the main entrance there are reliefs designed by Corrado Parducci, the same designer that did the tower in the Little flower church.

Michigan artist Ezra Winter designed the large glass mosaic featured in the main lobby.

Separating the area there is a metal and glass door with a beautiful Art Deco clock.

Monument to Joe Louis

A gift from Sports Illustrated magazine to the city. It commemorates the fight between Joe Louis and German boxer Max Schmeling, which was a huge moral victory for the U.S. in the years leading up to World War II.

Since the monument doesn’t have a boxing glove, some people think that in reality is a statue in favor of the African American movement.

Transcending Monument

Designed by David Barr and Sergio De Giusti to celebrate the history and contributions of labor.

“The world drives industry and labor, and industry and labor drive the world.”  David Bar.

The Spirit of Detroit statue

Created in 1958 by the sculptor Marshall Fredericks. In the statue’s left hand, it holds a gold sphere with rays that represent God. In the  right hand, it holds a family, which represents the human spirit and relationships.

Detroit Shipping co

Very cool place to eat. Inside there is an assortment of different foods and even a bar.

Best Thai salmon and shrimp ever. It was a bit spicy, but it was so tasty that I did not complained.


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