Jordan – Little Petra (Siq al-Barid)

Siq al-Barid is about 5 km from Petra, it has been a Unesco world heritage site since 1985. It is famous because of its ancient sculpted buildings made out of solid red sandstone.

Archeologists are not sure about the purpose of the structures in this area, they believe that were probable as a suburb.   

Little Petra was established in the 1st century and later abandoned in the 7th century. 1950 archeologist started the excavations of Petra and  Siq al-Barid .

The entrance to this site is free and there is no need for a guide, what I liked about this place is that there is no much supervision and it was not as crowded.


Cats were all over Petra and Siq al-Barid.  Most of them were very friendly. The cat in the photo made me company for quite a bit.

Below is a typical Bedouin home. Historically they have been a pastoral nomadic Arab tribes, in modern times many of them  work as guides or have a small tea or souvenirs shops near the ruins. 

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