Wadi Rum & Wadi Musa – Jordan

Wadi Rum is the valley near the border with Saudi Arabia.

During the visit to the valley I joined tourist attractions. The train ride re-creates the Arab Revolution of 1916.

It shows the Ottomans attacking the Hijazi train.

The train takes us thru the valley and near a small town.

The desert of Wadi Rum was truly beautiful.

There was no other sound but the wind.


Along the road I was able to see multiple Bedouin settlements. The nomadic lifestyle must be so hard but at the same time they really live freely.

Wadi Musa

Is the region were Petra es located. The cities were built in rocky hills.

People do their best to bring vegetation to their homes. The cities have a brown and grey palette of color.

Mosques are found everywhere. At certain times during the day  the a speaker will start transmitting prayers.

Something very interesting that I learned is that many Mosques paint their dome green because they believed that in heaven people wear green.

The food was delicious.  My first day I ordered camel meat with bread. To be honest I was not sure what came with the meat, but I really liked it.

I had many vegetarian dinners. Loved how they prepared the eggplants.

Kofta bi tahini is another casserole dish but this one had lamb at the bottom.

For dessert, Knafeh most of the time.

Some places were a bit more elevated than others. But always a nice experience.

I was not able to find out if the mummified animal was a dog or a fox.



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