Disc Golf – Farmington, ME

Trolley Valley Campground is in Farmington, Maine. The place is a Disc Golf and camping site, but the main attraction is the first.

Disc golfing was a new word in my vocabulary, I was introduced to it by Ben. According to him it is a big sport down south, around here not so much, probably  the lack of large green spaces makes it less popular.

We played twice, each time we did all 18 baskets. The idea of the whole game is to get the frisbee into the basket in the less amounts of throws possibles.

Ben has been playing for 20 years and this was my second time. I am pretty bad.

The places that we visit it was a professional court. To make it professional they need to have a concrete platform and 18 baskets.

It was a lot of fun. My favorite was the night game. It was really nice to walk in the dark under all the stars and the trees. The discs are charged with UV light to make them glow which was very neat.






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