Preah Ang Thom pagoda – Phnom Kulen Mountain, Cambodia

Experts believe the Buddha was created around the same time as the construction of Preah Ang Thom in the 16th-century.

This monument was carved into sandstone formations at Preah Ang Thom severals stories above the pagoda. This is the same sandstone that would be later be used to build Angkor’s most famous temples.

The reclining Buddha is a massive feature and stretches of eight meters (approximately 25 feet) in length. This makes it the largest reclining Buddha in Cambodia and one of the 30 longest in Asia.

Besides the reclining Buddha, there are many smaller temples in Preah Ang Thom.

After a long hike, when I finally got to the top to see the Buddha, I was disintegrating, between  the sun, the 105° F temperature  and the humidity. I was ready for the day to be over.


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