USS Salem(CA-139) – Quincy MA

The world’s only preserved Heavy Cruiser.

She served as a Lady of Diplomacy, rather than as a means of exerting brute force.

To me the idea of using something like this for diplomacy it’s a bit strange. Diplomacy is “the art of dealing with people in a sensitive and effective way” and arriving in something with such an arsenal distroys that concept for me.

Below are the different types of quarters.

In the following photos, the dentist office, an operation room and the snack bar or geedunk.

It’s a very interesting place to visit. It’s hard to believe all the material and man power used in creating something this large that could be so destructive.

We live such small fraction of time in this planet, so for me spending time creating something like this is wasteful. I guess I am a pacifist.


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