Cementerio de Puntarenas – Punta Arenas, Chile


Its a monument cemetery, in 2012 CNN name it one of the most beautiful cemeteries in the world.  The cemetery was Inaugurated on 9 April 1894.

The area where the cemetery was installed was donated by Sara Braun, besides that she donated a lot of money  including the money to build the entrance.  When doing this she asked for one thing, that after her death, the central door of the cemetery had to be closed forever. Nowadays, that door is still closed and has not been opened since Sara Braun’s death.

While visiting the cemetery I was told that little kids would usually go and play there. The idea of their game was to jump against the trees and because of their shape they would be pushed back.

I tried to replicate this but the force in which I was pushed back was too strong and I ended in the floor .


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