World Heritage Missions – San José de Chiquitos , Bolivia

The mission of San José de Chiquitos was the third mission built of those of the World Heritage Site.

The church was built between 1745 and 1760 by an unknown architect. It is built of stone, unlike other mission churches in the area which were built with local adobe and wood.

The entire church complex was done in 3 stages with the “participation” of approximately 5000 indigenous people.

the inside is full of paintings, at the time of my visit there working on the conservation of the walls, it seems that there are places were some artwork was covered and replaced.


The Church in itself is very simple when compared to the other Jesuit Missions churches.

Mirador Nuflo de Chavez allows to see the extent of the town. It’s so nice to still be able to see a sea of trees.

The easiest and most comfortable way to arrive here is by train.

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