San Ramon – Santa Cruz, Bolivia

San Ramon is a small town in Bolivia, a very small town, 3 or 4 hours from Santa Cruz. I had the pleasure to stay for a week to help with an immunisation program. 

Since most people don’t  transportation and don’t visit the doctor regularly this type of projects is very important especially with the elderly and young children.

All roads are just like shown above.  There is only a small public clinic for all the people who live around the area, however I was able to count 3 religious organizations.

Below the main road, where most (all) the commercial stores are. At the time that I visit there were only two hostels in the area.

The climate was hot and humid, the worst part was the amount of mosquitos. All day and night.

45 min away there is place very popular with young mennonites, they come to use the pool and socialite with other young people. The place is beautiful.






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